Cleaner and Quieter Alternative to Traditional Lawn Care Services

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Two Options Offered

  1. Included in our Lawn Mowing service plan, we come to your property twice in November, and once in December when the last leaf has fallen. On each visit, we clean out the leaves from all trees, bushes, landscaping, etc. Then we mow over them, mulching them into finite matter. We mow them until they are no longer visible. Mulching leaves provides more nutrients to your soil. As they break down, they release essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phoshorus. This will dramatically improve the health of your lawn. You can choose this option even if you're not a lawn mowing customer, and it will be ~30% less expensive than option 2. 

  2. Alternatively, we do offer actual leaves removal, all in a one-time visit. This entails us cleaning out the leaves from all bushes, lanscaping, etc. Then we pick them up with our mower, and load the mulched leaves into our trailer and discard them in a location where they can break down. This option will cost more than the sum of our three visits in option one, but ensures all leaves are off your property.