Cleaner and Quieter Alternative to Traditional Lawn Care Services


Our Mowers Are Never in the Shop

Routine maintenance is a time consuming and expensive task that plagues most lawn care services. But not with us! Our mowers and lawn tools have no IC engines, no spark plugs, no carburetors, no oil or filters to change, no belts, no pulleys, no clutches, and no air filters. The only "routine" maintenance required is cleaning the deck, sharpening the blades, and plugging in. 

Of course, our electric mowers also don't require gas, entirely ending time spent at gas stations and money spent on gas. 

What That Means for our Customers

You might be thinking "That all sounds great, but how's it help me?" Well. . . 

  • Having no maintenance or gas means we can pass those savings onto our customers, allowing us to have the best prices in the KC metro! 

  • You don't have to worry about oil, grease, or gas spills on your property, which are not only eye-sores but dangerous for children and pets. 

  • You can be confident we'll never be slowed or delayed due to our machines requiring maintenance (or worse, repairs due to neglected routine maintenance.) Electric mowers are in the shop ~ 1/10 the amount of time gas mowers are. 

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