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What's Included?

  • Our organic fertilizer program includes 4 applications in a year. We use Sunday Lawn Care and Green County Fertilizer commercial products, which are the best on the market. 

  • Liquid Dethatch and Liquid Aeration are included in this plan. 

  • We do not include herbicide or pesticide in our plans. Reason being, there is currently no truly effective and economical organic herbicide or pesticide on the market. In large part anything claiming to be an organic herbicide or pesticide is a glorified essential oil. As soon as products we have confidence in are developed, we'll immediately incorporate them into our plan. It's important to remember, the best attack against weeds is a lush yard! That means water, fertilizer, dethatch, and aeration.

  • You'll be charged per application (so 4 times a year). Your quote will be per application as well.  


Spring (April)

Early Summer (June)

Late Summer (Aug/Sept)

Fall (October)

Liquid Dethatch and Aerator

While liquid detaching and aeration will have a lesser immediate impact on your soil than mechanical options, the effects are much longer lasting and cumulative. These liquid applications are substantially less expensive, while equally effective, if not more effective, in the long term. In addition, these products can be applied multiple times a year, regardless of the softness of the ground, while core aeration requires very soft/moist turf